A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Play a small tadpole fighting to survive in a hostile and ever-changing environment. 

Bounce and dash your tads to victory!

Our Game

     Tads. is a fast paced 2D versus fighting game where you play a bioluminescent tadpole called a tad who lives in very dark and dangerous body of water.  Tads is a one life equal one round  based game, as your tad is very fragile. Do your best to avoid lethal zones. 

     The environment where the tads live is always changing and becoming ever more threatening. You will need to use all of your tads abilities to survive and exterminate the others tad. 


You'll need two controllers either Xbox or PS4 to play the game.

You can adjust your speed by rotating the right joystick.


Project Management: 

Axelle Briand

Game Design: 

Paul KesselThéophile Dreux

Graphic Design:

Alice GrégoireSantiago Orozco


Guillaume David & Ilkalys

UX / Human Factors:

Noé Simon

Sound Design / Music Composer

Martin Rabiller

Thanks to all our playtesters !

And very special thanks to Antoine Thévenoux for voice acting in our trailer.


Tads MacOS.zip 203 MB
Tads Windows 202 MB

Install instructions

  1.  Choose the  the file corresponding to your operating system.
  2.  Download the file
  3.  Unzip the file
  4.  On windows, open the folder
  5.  Look for the file 'Tads.exe' and execute it

On mac, the first time you open the app, please hold your ctrl key down, so that the game can be authorised to launch properly.

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