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Year 2233. Protecht corporation monopolizes the exploitation of a new resource (the inforium) discovered on the exoplanet Vili for the manufacturing of its human synthetics. As the wildlife becomes hostile to the mining, a creature breaks into the facility.

- A horror game with a gruesome creature, and few ways to defend yourself.
- Throwable objects, used to attract or repel the creature.
- Sound based stealth system, with a UI displaying the soundwaves the character makes.
- A hard science based artistic direction, and photoreal style to support the genre.
- A cinematic look, developed in Unreal Engine 5, using nanite and lumen. 

Full walkthrough / Gameplay video : 

Mapping : 

The Link is a first person horror solo experience on PC, developed in less than 4 month by a team of 12 students at le Cnam Enjmin


Laëtitia Brun - Creature, character and communication
Gaëlle Rouau - Environment
Pierre Espaignet - Lighting, rig, animation and environment
Maëlys Schoepfer - Narrative and level design
Baptiste Bourgoin - System design
Enzo Giglio - Audio design
Benoit Toth - Programmer and tech art 
Baptiste Rousserie - Programmer
Julien Vanderhaegen - Programmer
Léa Vitalone - User research
Axelle Briand - Project management
Clara Toussaint - User interface

- Available For Download Now ! -


The_Link_Build_V_1_0.zip 1 GB


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Interesting Game, Great Visuals, Eerie Atmosphere & Really Well Crafted Story - despite some optimization issues - I loved the experience.  There is so much more lore to the game - that I would love a larger dive in to this universe. 

Good Fun! Here Is My Playthrough